a letter from a sister

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update on my dad
I just spoke to (dad's wife). Dad was getting an IV placed. His angiogram (inject dye and see where things flow) is scheduled for tomorrow. If it goes well and seems like it would be worthwhile, they will then to the angioplasty (balloon thing to open up veins). If this doesn't work they may have to try to harvest another vein for a bypass, but he is running out of them.(another monkey-wrench ...the dye is not good for kidneys, so they will have a nephrologist standing by, with consultation to Minnesota if necessary)

I also spoke to Dad. He will be confined to a wheelchair for a while
after this is done, so have bought one from e-bay (good old e-bay).


Eeeek. Your dad and you have my prayers.

Prayers for your dad, Alicia. May the procedures go smoothly with no stress to his kidneys.
Renee P

Keeping all of you in my prayers.

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