why I don't watch ER anymore

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So, who saw ER? on Amy's blog.

It's bad enough dealing with some of this guano IRL, I'm not at all entertained by it on the small screen.

However, my vote for the worst ER episode of all time is "Love's Labor Lost". Unreal and more unreal.


I stopped watching ER the season before last because I'd seen enough "subtle" brainwashing along this line. I've watched some of the newer shows only long enough to recognize they were just more of the same--usually only one episode, sometimes partially. Their making it so blatant has freed up a lot of time I formerly wasted watching. Unintended benefit. It's amazing the garbage television offers today. Usually, the worse I find the show, the more awards it wins at season's end.

I haven't watched ER in years because I always came away feeling upset. I don't really watch any tv at all because the content is garbage or set to promote some anti-catholic agenda.

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