It's snowing again

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I am getting totally tired of this weather. Almost balmy for a couple of days, and then smash - more of the wet white stuff. I want a vacation. I want a break. I want to go home.
Just heard on the radio that there is a jacknifed truck north of Nashua, and 4 exits worth of backup on the interstate here in Concord. I was going to head out and run some errands before the weather got too very bad, but maybe I'll just wimp out. The weather looks bad enough as it is. But they didn't close the schools here and my youngest drove to her High School classes an hour ago. Hopefully it won't be too horrible when she needs to drive home this afternoon.
At least today I didn't have to fight my way the 46 miles south to Nashua today.


Lord have Mercy! Be careful, stay safe and warm.

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