Happy New Year

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I've noticed that I often don't seem to have topical to the date(or even the season) posts up on this blog. It's probably because I really don't pay that much attention most of the time - I've been known to look at my husband and ask him what day of the week it is. And I am so glad that most supermarkets now take ATM cards, because I used to look really ridiculous asking the clerk to tell me the date.
I used to at least be able to look in my Magnificat and get half a clue, but about 6 months ago my dearly beloved took a shine to the Magnificat and I was no longer able to carry it with me everywhere.

Ah, but I had my revenge! I thought about getting him his own subscription to Magnificat, but I then went a few steps further into POD-dom. My big Christmas present to him was the four volume set of the Liturgy of the Hours - the leather bound set with all the ribbons. Let me tell you, this is not the best time of year to be trying to learn how to navigate that baby. Between trying to figure out which set of readings apply to a day that is not only the Sunday in the octave of Christmas but is also the feast of the Circumcision (or whatever the newer name is) seemed to be baffling him. Let me just say that while waiting to say morning prayer before breakfast, the pancakes got cold.
I can hardly wait for some one to put the Liturgy of the Hours into a Palm friendly format.
Anyhow, I now get to figure out how to stuff the Magnificat into my purse. It's former space is now occupied by a CRSV Bible that I picked up when Scott Hahn spoke at a local parish.
Maybe I will have to bite the bullet and look for a slightly larger purse. I hate buying purses. Most of them are ridiculously arranged and horribly overpriced. I have never understood the fascination that some women have with them. But then, I also don't get the shoes thing. I'm happy if I can find a pair of shoes that fit and don't look too clunky and don't cost my first born male child his manhood.

We had a thoroughly boring New Year's Eve. Stayed up till midnight, popped a bottle of cheap but alcoholic bubbly, had one glass each, and went to sleep. Today we had at least one meal of traditional food - blackeye peas cooked with ham hocks and seasoned with pepper sauce, served with my yellow cornbread cooked in my cast-iron skillet. Let me know if you need a recipe.

Hoping and praying that the year of our Lord, 2006, will bring more joys than sorrows to all of us, and that we will endure if that is what He requires of us. God bless all of you.

addendum: Thanks to the readers who suggested I check out Universalis - even though I have the Today site linked, I hadn't checked it out further. I will probably download the trial version and see if it works well for me before shelling out the 30 pounds sterling for the full version.


I have a purse habit too; currently using a pretty large black Liz Claiborne number I got on discount at The Bay. And the Magnificat struggle is the same I have with Curt; we just got our subscription and he was right away with wanting his own copy. I got another subscription through their website on Christmas Day, so hopefully in a few weeks time he'll have his own. Now he wants the leather-look cover though!

have you checked out http://universalis.com? Click on down load link in top right corner. I don't have a Palm, and know little about this Office of the Hours, although I use this site, but it may be of some help to you. SCroll down to see stuff for palm.

Since you asked about Palm versions of the Liturgy of the Hours, I'm assuming you've seen "Universalis via AvantGo".

I've been over to Universalis, and I actually have the page linked in my permalinks here. I didn't check out their Palm stuff, though. Scott, I have had zero luck getting the AvantGo to work for me - I have tried it with a number of items including mapquest and finally have just given up. I follow all the directions but it seems like I am missing something that they assume I know how to do.

Happy New Year, Alicia.

One way of managing your Magnificat is to rip out the pages when you've read em, that way they get lighter as the month goes on....

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