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jessica's diary: my weird habits

This time my daughter nailed me.
The problem is that I can't really think of my weird habits. I know that I must have them, but to my mind if I have them they can't be that weird. But I'll try to think of five of them, and if any of my children or friends read this and can contribute more, feel free to chime in in the comments box.

1) I have to sleep on the proper side of the bed. My husband must be on my right side.
2) The silverware must be properly arranged in its drawer. I have used the same organizer for 15 plus years and several moves,even though the plastic is getting discolored, because I haven't found anything else that fits the silverware properly.
3) drinking glasses must be put into the cupboard upside down, so that nothing can fall into them. If they were stored right side up, I rinse them before I use them.
4) there is a proper way to set the table. If you are at my house I must use it or I get anxious and rearrange things. However, I tolerate all kinds of stuff when it isn't in my space.
5) ?????? I'm sure that there must be more. contributions accepted.
You're supposed to tag 5 other people. OK, the next five of you to read this, if you haven't already done it, you're it. Let me know when you've done it and I'll link to your answers.


I already did it, but it's interesting to read yours. My husband also has a side of the bed. I'm more flexible, but have gotten used to my side that is of course, next to him.

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