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My British midwife friend wrote to me and many others, and I thought it important enough to share with all of you. I was fortunate enough to have lunch with her a couple of years ago as she was traveling through my part of the world. Her letter follows.
I have some news to share. Sorry if you are a list member who has no idea who I am! I have decided to going out to Indonesia to work with Robin Lim. Ibu Robin is better known in the USA as the author of After the Birth- a Woman's way to Wellness.' and she has been in Bali, Indonesia for years.

A year ago today ,a couple of midwives from the clinic in Bali which is called Bumi Sehat, hopped on a plane to Aceh and have been working there ever since.they have moved from a tent to a makeshift hut but conditions are very primitive and the popluation still traumatised.

30% of Acenise traditional midwives died in the tsunami and most of everyones equipment got washed away. Tetanus is rapidly killing babies for lack of clean equipment and water and as ever, 'womens' needs ' seem to be last on the agenda.

I am trying to raise funds to get there but also to start a fund so that other midwives from the UK can go too. I plan on being there only 6 weeks but it is currently a 5 year project and I would like to go annually. My good friend Harvest is out there and that is how I have been invited to join them (Harvest is Eilah's godmother for those of you who do not know !)

She said they need people and to get out there asap -and to bring equipment such as gloves and fetascopes and most importantly syntocinon. (Note - this is the British version of Pitocin, used to control hemorrhage)

I plan on leaving in 8 weeks and need to raise about £2500. I will soon have a webpage of my own to direct people to and posters .
Please contact me on the if you would like to be included on mailings updates or have time, money, equipment to offer or can put up posters in strategic places in the UK.

I am both excited and terrified!



I have the opportunity to volunteer as a midwife and take supplies over to the tsunami's worst hit area in Meulaboh, Aceh Indonesia.
The fund will help send midwives out to Aceh over the coming years.
if you are a midwife interested and can spare at least 6 weeks or you feel you can help by putting up posters, please contact at email

Please consider donating via paypal to the fund :
or checks made payable to
Aceh Midwife Fund
1 Marsh Dairy Cottage

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