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Why Does High School Fail So Many?

An interesting overview of a school system that is creaking under its own weight.
I graduated from Westchester HS in the LAUSD, my two oldest children graduated from Cleveland HS, also in the LAUSD. These two high schools are 25 miles apart, and do not even begin to represent the huge diversity and geographical span of the Los Angeles educational chaos. I was able to find a reasonable education for my children in this public school system but only by working the system - getting them into magnet programs, and trying to keep after the teachers and administrators to see that my kid's unique needs were addressed. I admit that I could have done better, but I was raised to respect the public schools. We left LA in January 1997 and I have heard that things are continuing to deteriorate. But I have also seen public education deteriorate in Oregon and even here in New Hampshire. This says to me that the problems are probably inherent in the system and that it is time for something to change. But I also admit, that I don't know what needs to change first. I think that it is possible that the problems in the schools are just a microcosm of the problems in our culture.

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