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51 years ago today, I entered the world, a 46 minutes late (17th)birthday present to my mom, a 12 days early (20th) birthday present to my father. 33 years ago today, I entered the Catholic church during a daily Mass in a small chapel on the campus of Loyola Marymount University. After hearing my first confession,Father Randall Roche S.J. received my profession of faith, anointed me with the oils and conferred upon me the sacrament of confirmation, and gave me my first holy communion. Thirteen months later, he also witnessed the joining of me and my husband into the bonds of Holy Matrimony.
Three years and three days ago (1/9/03) I posted my first entry on this blog at its original site on blogspot.
It's been an eventful life, so far. Unless I beat the odds, I'm more than halfway through my walk on this earth. I hope and pray that I've been able to do what it is that I was created for. Of course, I'll only find that out for sure from the other side. But that shouldn't stop me from trying daily to do whatever I'm called to, if I can figure it out.


Many blessings in the year to come. :)


Happy Birthday!

+ Many happy returns of the day. The world is better for your presence!

A most happy birthday to you!

Happy, happy Birthday to you and many, many years to you!

What an incredible gift to be received into the church on your birthday!

Happy birthday and happy blogiversary!

Happy Birthday, Alicia!

Happy birthday, dear Alicia, happy birthday to you!

Many happy returns on the day. :-)

Mom -

love, your early 20th birthday present.

jess :)

Happy birthday -- a little late !

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy belated birthday Alicia! Hope it was a good one!

On the whole, we're glad you were born, even if you were a little late.

Happy belated birthday!

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