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Virginia midwives gain legal footing

this refers to direct entry midwives, who primarily practice in the home or in a birth center. CNMs, who have a bigger lobby, were able to secure legal status much earlier. I am very thankful that my sister CNMs in Virgina worked collaberatively on this effort.


Yay! Thanks for sharing this great news!

Oh I wish Ohio would finally do this! We've had legislation pending for over 10 years now.

Yay for Virginia! It was depressing, facing a move, to see that almost every state (including VA) I might end up in had direct entry midwifery IL-legal, not just A-legal. Hooray!


Too bad it wasn't a couple of years earlier. Might've helped me a lot. Very bittersweet.

I think in VA it was previously "alegal," if that really means anything except midwives who get noticed by the wrong person get prosecuted for practicing medicine w/o a license or something of that nature rather than the illegal practice of midwifery. The statute that specifically addressed illegal midwifery was repealed 2 or 3 years ago, IIRC.

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