A tribute to the Challenger crew

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The depths of exploration...

Here in Concord NH, we have the Christa McAuliffe planetarium, and the High School's auditorium is named after her.
Yet this year's senior class weren't even born when the Challenger was lost. My eldest daughter sees the Challenger disaster as a defining moment for her generation, much as the assasination of JFK was for mine. My youngest daughter (a senior at Concord High!) will probably consider 9/11 the defining moment of her generation. Ironically, she did not hear about it for several hours, as the teachers in the Middle School deliberately cut off the news and computers after the disaster struck.


that link there i think you'd like to read.. about an encepheletic(sp?) baby

The strange thing about the 9/11 situation was just how things happened overall, I was at work and just didnt believe it. And we had just moved into the house at that point and had no TV or Radio set up.. the house was happily void of the horrific situation, and everytime we left it there was another barrage of horror.

I remember feeling disconnected too, as it had really all unfolded by the time I heard about it (although, the towers fell after I was at the office).

I agree with your older daughter, though, the Challenger is the defining moment for my generation (I'm 33)

Thank you for linking to me...that was very appreciated and unexpected.

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