They need a midwife on every corner

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It's true...neighborhood midwives would make a huge difference.

Maybe someday home midwifery will become common again. I know I felt very blessed to be able to give birth at home.

I don't like the one sentence after the other " Some women scramble for a midwife. Many babies are stillborn." This article is written from the assumption that women have to get to a hospital to have a baby and if they don't, their babies will die. Most babies would get born just fine if their mothers just stayed where they were and gave birth with the help of their women friends. If labor goes on too long, call the ambulance the next day, during daylight hous. Childbirth is a lot less dangerous than travel under these conditions.

Susan Peterson

I agree with Susan and agree with you, they do need a midwife on every corner (that, and not being in the middle of a war zone, but one wish at at time)

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