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35 and Pregnant? Assessing Risk Becomes Easier - New York Times
I've long been concerned about the general acceptance of prenatal euthanasia. Prenatal diagnosis can be useful when deciding on the place of birth - if you know that the baby has specific problems you might choose to birth in a high tech setting. But more commonly, the conditions that can be diagnosed will offer only very limited choices. There can be an enormous pressure on families to abort known 'defectives'.


This comment, "There can be an enormous pressure on families to abort known 'defectives'. puts the blame on others out there. Who is doing the pressuring? Doctors? Family? Or is it the struggle that goes on internally over loving others or loving our convinience? May God bless all parents in this situation and fill them with the wisdom and courage they need.

Alicia, that's why at age 45/46, last year, I just opted for nothing extra. I didn't even get the Level II ultrasound. I wanted to remain in blissful ignorance and just enjoy being pregnant. I was ready for whatever kind of baby I had.

Now, I've been reading over at the "And I Wasted All that BIrth Control" blog, and the blogger there recently had a full comment box from women who hated being pregnant. But a close careful reading of WHY they hated being pregnant revealed that they hated the testing, they hated waiting for the results and they hated the uncertainty.

I want so badly to say to them, you know, life is uncertain!! So why should pregnancy be any different. Just enjoy this special time. Just say no to extra testing!!!

Elena, how is Cecily these days?

Alicia, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

God Bless.

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