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could you pray for several pregnant moms in my life?
One is my youngest sister. She is 37 weeks, her baby has been showing signs of stress, and they may need to deliver early. The baby's lungs aren't mature yet or they would have delivered her today. This will be my sister's third cesarean - 1st was a true emergency (I was there and it really was - the baby was almost dead when he came out and was in the NICU for 5 days despite being full-term) her second was an attempted VBAC that turned into another full-on emergency cesarean. She just prays that this will be a calm and managed cesarean, not another emergency.

Another prayer request - a young woman of my acquaintance, nearly 20 weeks pregnant with her second child, seriously considering abortion.

One of my readers who sent me an email about a surprise pregnancy, asking that prayers be offered that she can become grateful to God for the gift of this new life instead of resentful and scared. Also that God help her to figure out the best way to present this news to other family members.

I am also asking that prayers be said for a colleague who is being induced now with her first baby. She is in a high-stress field (OB etc) and has developed signs of pre-eclampsia. Pray that she will have a straightforward labor and birth, and not a medical nightmare. Unfortunately, working in the field does not immunize one from having obstetrical complications.

And also please pray for all the unborn, and for their mothers, fathers, and care providers.


You've got them, Alicia!

Of course!

All remembered on the Prayer Network...

Will be praying....

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