last week of advent

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sorry I've been scarce - I will probably continue to be scarce until after Christmas. We are having a baby boomlet this month and I am way behind in my domestic chores as well. I will try to get to my emails reasonably fast so if you have a need, that is how to reach me.
I had really wanted to do something on the O antiphons, but O well...


I've been late on nearly each of my O Antiphons, grin!

Happy Advent, dear!

Send your readers over to the Anchoress. I believe she has included the antiphons you are talking about on her blog. (I am not a Catholic, so I could be mistaken on this :)
Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Weeeee loooovvvveee Aliiiiiccciiiiaaa!!!

Happy Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas, Alicia!

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