I like the way this woman thinks

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The Well-Connected Mother
The Centrality of Motherhood Is Not Just an Idea

by Juli Loesch Wiley

We get mothering wrong sometimes. We get it wrong with sexism and with feminism. We get it wrong with sentimentality and utopianism and cruelty. And when we get it wrong, a conversation about one good mother can help us get it right again: a conversation about the Mother of God—she who is more honorable than the Cherubim and more glorious than the Seraphim, as the ancient hymn put it—as a pattern and prescription for all human motherhood. (Entire article here)

Milk of Kindness
If God Almighty came to you and said, “I myself have designed a special food that will strengthen your baby’s body and develop his brain, which will comfort him and cheer his heart, and lay the foundation for his lifetime health and well-being. I have given this food into your keeping; I have placed it in your body; it is my loving provision for your child”—who would reply, “No thanks, no divine gifts, I’d rather give him a can of Similac”?
Juli Loesch Wiley


I had to come to traditionalist University of Dallas to see a mother breastfeeding her child in the campus ministry office! What liberality!

Fr. Philip

What a beautiful article... (Has the hard copy come out yet? I have been stockpiling periodicals...between Christmas prep, work - about which I am still conflicted but the article made me feel better - and baby #1's wedding, I haven't been doing much spare time reading.)

I have met more than my share of women whose husbands will lavish them with jewelry, furs, McMansions etc. but not children. Reading this was a nice eye-opener to start the year...I'm one of the richest women in town!!!

Thanks for sharing that article :) I really like how she thinks too.


Bleah. If ever have kids, I want to have them the way my mom had me- pumped full of so many drugs I'm completed zonked !

I would also like to thank you for sharing this article. As a 21 year-old Catholic college student who has yet to experience marriage let alone motherhood, I found it both enlightening and inspirational.

I strongly disagree with your comment in your article, "motherhood even before childbirth," posted on beliefnet.com. The comment was about the woman being poor no matter how much money she has if she wasn't with the man who begot her, that the woman and child "need" him. I was the RICHEST woman in the world when God blessed me with pregnancy. I prayed for myself and the dad. Mostly for the end of verbal abuse and for me not to add fuel to the fire. I only needed my mom and God. I would imagine it would be wonderful to have the help of the village to raise the child. But not with the help of the "idiot."

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