Happy St. Nicholas day

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Driving home today, I hit the button on my radio for the local Evangelical Christian station. I came in on the tail end of Dr. Warren Throckmorton speaking on Saint Nicholas. I was riveted. The first phrase I heard went "In the Catholic tradition, a patron saint is one who prays to God on behalf of a petitioner." Wow. He had me at "Catholic tradition". I listened all the way through his talk, which was a wonderful exposition of the story of St. Nicholas - and much more. Let me tease you with the other phrase from his talk that stuck in my brain despite the rigors of the commute. "Viewed through the eyes of a pornographer, sex is commerce and sexual purity is restraint of trade." wow. What a concept!
I went on the web and found the text of his talk, which he titled "The Real Saint Nick". I highly recommend it to all of you. It certainly was real food for thought for me.
The other thing that I found of interest is that Dr. Throckmorton teaches as Grove City College - where Scott Hahn was a student lo these many years.....


Happy Feast Day (one day late) to you too, Alicia.

What a blessing to hear on the radio.

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