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My newest niece was born yesterday, December 15, 2005. Presley Victoria Grace was born at 1103 am PST, weighing 3200 grams. It was, by all accounts, a calm and peaceful cesarean, without all the angst and drama that surrounded the births of Presley's two older brothers. When I talked to my mother yesterday, she told me that my sis couldn't come to the phone because the baby was snuggled in and nursing like a champion.
Thanks all of you who prayed.
Yesterday was also the birthday of my eldest daughter Jessica - happy belated birthday! My mom is blessed that her oldest and youngest granchildren now have the same birthday - one less date to remember.


Congratulations, Aunty and Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!

Many years to both of them!

Congrats to mom, baby and extended family.

And thanks to St. Gianna for favours received.

Congratulations to the whole gang!

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