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Waiting in Joyful Hope

You know, Steven told me that he wishes that he could write the way I do. Well, I wish that I could write about some of this as well as he does.

Isn't it wonderful that we have more than one kind of flower in our gardens? I was recently thinking about the true blessing of diversity (and not the politically correct version) and was reminded of a part in the classic Madeleine L'Engel book "A Wrinkle in Time". Pardon me if I am a little off here, I am working from memory as my copy is not close to hand right now.
The characters are on the planet Camazotz, where the powers that be have decreed that perfection in happiness comes from being totally identical. So at a given time, all the children come out of their houses and 'play' with a ball, all in perfect simultaneous rhythm - except for one little boy. And this little boy is sent for a re-adjustment to make him another 'perfect' and identical member of that soi-disant utopian society.


Perfectly put and with such a good example. I love that book!

Your quote makes me think of St. Therese's realization that the little shy violet is just as valuable to God as the rose (horribly paraphrased I realize). Which makes me think of Steven's hilarious comment about The Story of a Soul and the new edition coming out. So I am full circle now. :-)

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