a drug for all reasons?

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MERD | Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate)

You might have to be in health care to REALLY appreciate this one - or be the kind of person who compulsively reads package inserts down to the copyright date.


I was having a bad case of the Mondays...and Panexa made me feel so much better!!! (I'm just glad I wasn't drinking my tea while reading... :) )

Thanks! I was thinking, wow, sounds like panacaea sort of...and then the "Ask your doctor for a reason..." got to me. It was only when I started to read the rest that I realized it was funny :)


My co-workers are already concerned about my sanity (I mean, how in the world can you do science and be Catholic?), and the lengthy snickering generated by that ad proved them correct.

mom -
killer. like the mention of the ocelots and squirrels. Two animals that are almost always funny.

Thank-you, this was hilarious!

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