Jim gets a questionnaire for jury duty

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And asks some good questions about the questions he is being asked to qualify for
Jury Duty

I did 6 months on the county grand jury last year. It was a fascinating and sometimes disturbing glimpse into the criminal justice system in this country.


Six months?! Wow! That had to impact the household income, no?

I assume soon the questionaire will be about what podcasts you regularly listen to. “What?! Bill O'Reilly! Rush Limbaugh! Cardinal Arinze! But no NPR?! You're off the jury!

It's funny that the questionairre talks about putting aside one's feelings. The new attacks from the left on Judge Alito do not take into account that many of his rulings that they dislike regard whether the law was followed. He may not have liked the result, but he stuck to the law and whether the Constitution was violated. Not whether the law is good, just and fair to your belief system. So sometimes, it appears, you're supposed to let your feelings impact your judgement and othertimes not, eh? ;-)

It looks like there might be some political fireworks in the next several weeks as they try to "Bork" judge Alito.

I am always the one called in the household, and Dh never.

Glad you even it out ;)

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