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I have serious reservations about some prenatal screening.
Study: Negativity Often Tied to Down Syndrome Diagnoses

I am required to offer all the screening that is available. What many moms don't know is that they are not required to have every test that is available.


I think this study is really telling. Last weekend we went to a concert/play date arranged with the families who started Signing Time (ASL videos for kids) and there were lots of kids there with down syndrome and other types of developmental issues. All these kids were clearly cherished by their families, and blooming in response to the attention. Goodness knows when a parent finds out their "perfect" child may not be as perfect as hoped, they don't need any help thinking of the negative, but might be helped by someone pointing out the possibilities.

My other thought regarding diagnoses and the "abortion option" was to wonder how long it will be a choice between options. I'm worried that at some point the people who feel life with a birth defect isn't worth living decide that it's not worth helping pay for either. Fewer families will be able to choose to carry such a child to term and to support them if they are expected to do so completely on their own (since after all, this was their private choice, so why should it affect me?).



I am not at all surprised to read this. I worked on a paper last semester on a similar issue and concluded that what is really going on in many genetic counseling offices is tantamount to eugenics.


My wife's first OB got pushy about quad screening. We didn't want it, and he was ticked because of it. Fortunately, he packed up and started his own practice in Virginia. At least there's one upside to Illinois' high insurance costs: all the jerks will follow the money elsewhere.

I'm squeamish about testing, have done some and not some others. Alicia, I can't imagine you'd not educate your clients - they are so lucky to have you.

My cousin and his wife just had a Down Syndrom baby, they didn't catch it before birth (I don't know if they didn't test or what) and I'd like to shake them, they are taking it horribly. It makes my heart ache.

Interesting reading, and I think it brought out the positiveness of these beautiful people who are just different, not bad in any way.

Lord have Mercy.

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