it's not even winter yet

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so why do I not feel so good already?
I don't want to turn this into a self-pitying complaint, but I do want to say that it has been a struggle the last few days to get anything accomplished without a lot of real effort. I realize that I have it really good compared to the rest of the world right now, and I am going to try to keep saying Thank You to God for all the good stuff with which I have been blessed.
Let me count a few of the ways - in no particular order.
A husband who truly loves me, enough that at 10 PM he will make a fast food run because I'm too tired to cook (after we get home from an event).
Winning tickets to a concert by just happening to be caller #5 with the answer to the trivia question. (What band was Richard Thompson in just before he went solo) And - having a husband just crazy enough that he was willing to drive to Somerville on a Monday night to hear Richard Thompson perform.
Some truly wonderful priests who are faithful and loving and brave enough to call us all to responsibility.
A great co-teacher for my group of kids in confirmation one.
A great bunch of kids in our small group.
A lifework that I truly love, despite my issues with some of the conditions of employment.
Six wonderful children.
My cursillo community, my blog friends, my email list friends, and the theology of the body class I've been attending.
A roof over my head, food on the table, and the Eucharist readily available.
What more could I ask for in terms of material wealth?



So often the soul craves for things beyond materialism that we lose sight of all that is truly important and sometimes we just go through that low part of the rollercoaster ride of life!

You have reminded me to count my many blessings, thankyou for that! I'm going to take advantage of having the kids at home this half term, I'm going to see if I can take them to the cinema today and enjoy being with them rather than moaning about them!

God Bless you!

Do you have SAD or some other light related problem? You can see all your blessings for the blessings that they it sounds like you are in good shape. But that nagging blueness that can affect us can be quite a cross to bear. Will keep you in my prayers.

Congratulations on the tickets, I have no idea as to the answer, I've never heard of Richard Thompson!

Great list! What a bunch of wonderful things.

As to the funk, I agree, perhaps a SAD issue.

mom -
if your blog friends recognize the SAD, maybe you should look into getting help for it again. Or take up some kind of exercise. It gives me a little endorphin rush, and gives me some focus.
(and I'm saying this with a massive headcold and PMS).
you know your kids and dad love you... that should count for much.

Beautiful post...

Alicia, you're one of the smartest women I know.

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