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Both Elena and ukok blogged about a baby whoser parents were Advised to abort.

The couple refused, and the experts were wrong.

Prenatal testing, just as every other test, has an error rate - in both directions.


When I was working in an OB department, we had a young woman come in who had had a mild stroke during her previous pregnancy. During this pregnancy an ultrsound resulted in a diagnosis of an anolmaly which was incompatable w/ life. She was urged to abort and refused. She was sent to a larger neighboring town for a more advanced ultrasound which confirmed the diagnosis. She and her husband continued to refuse to abort. She was told "Why continue a pregnancy that cannot survive when you are at risk for another stroke and could leave your other children motherless?" Further tests were done w/ the same results. The pressure put on this couple was incredibly relentless and unmerciful but they stood their ground. In the end, the tests were wrong, the baby was healthy and the mother had no health problems but even if the outcome had been different, if the tests had been right, why could her Dr's not respect this woman's "choice?" It seems like the only "choice" acceptable in such circmstances is to abort.

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