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What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
You are 'programming in QBASIC'. This programming language (of which the acronym stands for 'Quick Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code'), which is so primitive that it cannot easily be used for any purpose involving the Internet nor even sound, was current more than a decade ago.

You are independent, in a good way. When something which you need cannot be found, you make it yourself. In writing and in talking with people, you value clarity and precision; your friends may not realize how important that is. When necessary, you are prepared to be a mediator in conflicts between your friends.
You are very rational, and you think of things in terms of logic and common sense. Unfortunately, your emotionally unstable friends may be put off by your devotion to logic; they may even accuse you of pedantry and insensitivity.
Your problem is that programming in QBASIC has been obsolete for a long time.

QBASIC screenshot


Hooray for QBasic!!

My first paying programming job at All Rite (~20 years ago) involved a lot of QBasic programming. There weren't a lot of affordable PC solutions at that time.

Wow! QBasic! “Sherman, Dial up the wayback machine!”

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