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how some trolls find some blogs?
It is interesting to me. I can go and post on all kinds of topics and get one, maybe two, comments - usually from my faithful readers. Then I post something from the news media about NFP or contraception or such like, and all of a sudden I get somewhat (ahem) 'interesting' comments from persons who I have never heard from before. Of course, these same commenters rarely leave a legitimate email address or webpage.
I do try to put up interesting content just before I go into my peri-call blog hibernation (wherein I am usually too busy to even get on-line, let alone put together content!).
Still, it could be worse, I guess. I could be Mark Shea or Amy Welborn.
BTW - could one of you who is on aol contact me privately? I have heard that there is a way to check the identity of an aol user, but that it is only available to members.


Does St. Blogs let you see the server logs for your site? When I get a post like that from the Black Bearded Dutch Internet Troll, I tend to go to my server log. From there I can usually find (by timestamp) the entry where they posted and figure out how they found me by looking for a "referrer". It's almost always via a Google search on some terms that matched that entry.

Nowadays, I have all my archives masked from the search engines. Only the front few pages are indexed. I got tired of random hits from strangers.

When I saw your troll, I was initially miffed, but thought, perhaps satire would be the better (slightly more charitable) response. Hope I wasn't out of line there.

I've gotten many trolls through technorati.

Here's how I think it works. Some jerk with nothing better to do gets in a hizzy about his pet topic. So he goes to technorati and types that topic in. Bingo! A whole list of blogs who have recently touched on that topic. He then can go one by one and leave obnoxious comments. of course, 9 out of 10 times he will never come back to see your rebuttal or actually carry out a conversation.

Sounds like a great way to spend your Saturday nights, huh?

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