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"Men like the Gospel with testosterone - Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven"
"The Catholic Faith is an all or nothing deal"
heard on EWTN.


Jessie Romero rocks! That comment is so right on so true. We saw Johnny Romero (Jessie's younger Brother and a real spark plug himself!) a few months ago at the same parish that Scott Hahn was at this weekend.

Jessie's comment came from a repeat of the live "life on the rock" from the EWTN 25th anniversary in Denver. What a great show. We saw a portion of it live on EWTN. The guests included Stephanie Wood of "Next wave live" from WETN Radio and two of the PCPA sisters (Poor Claire's of Prepetual Adoration). I've been listening to the repeat(s) on the internet all evening.

Raymond Arroyo's book is such a great read!

It is worthwhile to read of the hard times and the trouble instigated by the archbishop from the diocese we moved from many years ago. One where the old cathedral where my (late) dad, a convert, used to go for prepetual adoration has been replaced with a cube. I'll admit that I have never seen the new one. The pictures are saddening enough.

I was watching the show too, John - twice now - and I absolutely love it. Jesse is awesome, just what our kids (and the rest of us!) need. I also really loved the Sisters, they looked beautiful in their habits. Just a wonderful thing to see.

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