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left my house at 0700 yesterday morning, don't expect to get home much before 10 PM tonight. call last night, mandatory training this AM, currently taking a break and blogging from the local Panera (free wireless!) before heading back to the hospital for a planning meeting followed by a CME with food. Wonder what "George's Banks Haddock" will turn out to be.
Please keep praying for all those in the path of the storms. God promised that he wouldn't totally wipe us out with floods again (after Noah) but this weather seems to be of close to Biblical proportions. We seem to be having a real jeroboam of weather events, not only here in the Western Hemisphere but elsewhere as well.
I finished reading The Preservationist last week. Review to follow. Does anyone around know why the author chose to use the Douai-Rheims translation for his chapter quotes?


That's on my "to read" list ...

Georges Bank is a rich fishing area off Newfoundland - don't know how fresh the haddock will be by the time it get's to you. I hope it wasn't too bad.

I used the Douay Bible because it's the one I had.

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