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the post below wasn't saying that I, personally, won't blog again till I get ten comments - I was just pointing to Jim's post about what looks to be a great book by Russell Shaw.
I haven't been posting much myself because I have been very busy, having been midwife for 6 babies since Wednesday morning. Each labor and birth had its own set of heart wrenching moments (as usual) and I spent most of today after Mass catching up on lost sleep.
No, I don't personally have a manuscript looking for a home! I have a few books sketched out in my brain but I haven't gotten around to writing them yet. I'm not sure I have the discipline to actually write them. Getting my articles done for Spero Forum has been challenging enough.
However, I probably would settle down and write seriously with the right incentives. I would love to write a textbook for midwives that has both NFP and the Catholic worldview integrated into the text. Similarly a book for expectant families - I personally despise the current best selling What to Expect When You are Expecting. Maybe I can take my Spero articles when and work them into that book.
It's taken me years to realize that I am not able to actually write fiction, at least not the kind of fiction that I like to read! I admire competent fiction writers, even those who end up doing hack work after a while. It is a struggle and a discipline that isn't well appreciated.


Alicia, Thanks for sending some folks my way to vote. I think it was successful - so I may do it again. Jim

Is there a book you'd recommend in place of What to Expect When You're Expecting? It so tops the list that it's hard to find anything else in the category at the book stores.

With my first, What do you expect...worked so much and I read it again, and again, and again. With my second, homebirthed, I read it maybe once - I'd changed so much in my approach, it wasn't the book for me.

I agree, though, I'd love to hear what you do recommend - I've not read "The Birth Book" by Dr. Sears but hear good things.

Ladies (and Gents), Alicia has the perfect post for pregnancy reading. It's what brought me to her blog a year and a half ago. I was researching homebirth and found this post:

I bookmarked it and that's how I get to this site all the time...through the archives.

I did find a copy of Nine Months, Nine Lessons, but not until after the baby was born. I've glanced in it, but it's not pertinent to me....yet.


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