some one please fisk this

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I'm still too tired
Male and Female, God created them
Notice the 'gender neutral' language in the title?
Notice that the magazine in which it was published purports to be Catholic?

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Wow. She's a Catholic and I'm not. Wow. How is it, then, that I seem to understand the theological framework of John Paul II's THEOLOGY OF THE BODY better than she does?
Very depressing.

What we are seeing here is the difference between a theologian and theologizer.

A theologian is searching for the eternal truth and willing to accept that eternal truth may not match their preconception.

A theologizer recognizes that God made us in his image and likeness. But they are bound and determined to return the favor and re-make god in their image and likeness.

The second one tries to make god "accessible".

The first one knows that "God's ways are as far above yours ......" (Thank you Fr. Corapi & EWTN!)

It is also the difference between the mind (theologizer) and the heart (theologian).

This is not to denigrate the wonderful logical explanations of St Thomas Aquinas. However, his logic is rooted in "the revealed truth". It is Radical (from the root).

The most obvious lack of understanding TOTB in the article is seen in the first paragraphs. She misses (or ignores) the underlying understanding that "God's plan for us is written in our bodies." In my opinion, this is a root (& key) concept.

We are a UNITY of body & soul. The recognition that we are incarnate beings is the foundaton of a Catholic understanding that we are made by God and holy. Everything that God makes is good. That unity is good. There is no separation - no dualism. Our humanity is in that unity.

No matter how articulate or well reasoned an article, I set myself on guard when I see a repeating argument of "The Church says...., However ...". It sets me on edge in any of it's myriad and subtle forms. (For the serpent was the most subtle of creatures.)

To paraphrase Christoper West: We may well be the early church fighting the "Anti-life heresy".

The fisk is at:

Done in his own inimitable style!

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