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My good blog friend (and occasional Spero editor) Bene Diction is out with pneumonia. Please pray for his speedy recovery and that his suffering won't be wasted!


Thanks for the heads up ... I've gotten to know him through Spero also and he's such a great guy. I'll start praying...

Oooh, I'm so sorry to learn of your friends illness. I was hospitalised for a week with pneumonia and suspected meningitus, and it took me an age to recover. In fact, it took well over a year.

I developed chronic asthma due to the recurrent chest infections that followed directly after this illness. I do sincerely hope that your friend does not suffer to this extent.

God bless and heal him.

Thanks. I'm coming out of that fuzzy stage, I can understand why you medical people call it the old peoples friend. It's kind of a younger person's friend too. It's as if the bodies battle with the infection puts you into a place that is almost hard to come back from, a place where one can could easily slide into and beyond.

What a wonderful prayer Alicia, I don't know what His response will be, but I am so grateful to you and your readers for caring. And Alicia, when you get your Christmas pneumonia, I'll pray the same for you. Oddly I'm finding myself annoyed and lost because I can't slip back into that twilight place as I start the road to recovery.
I've been in voluntary at home quarantine, this is going around and I didn't want to pass it on to anyone.
God bless and keep you. My deepest thanks and warmest regards, crankiness and all.:^)

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