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I won't blog again until I get 10 comments on this post.....

How often does the average person get a chance to weigh in on a Catholic book before it is published?


Having a book manuscript with editor waiting for edits, I know that there is virtually only one way -- send the manuscript to others before sending to publisher. Tricky, since publisher has final say, and comments may be messy and cause revisions, and then the book might leak out in unauthorised form. Also the timing is tough since deadline is usually a factor and there is little time for runaround -- unless you did all of this before approaching publisher.

(This nearly incoherent response would make anyone worry about my book, I know!)

All said: you have to know the author and get into the loop.

I kind of liked 'a' better, myself! It just grabs your attention and hence will be more visible and saleable, I should imagine.

God Bless.

Do you have a manuscript you want to send me? 7 more to go before you blog again.

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