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TTLB has organized today as a blog day to try to fund raise to help the charities help the survivors and victims of Katrina. I'm encouraging all the rest of St Blog's to join in as well. I've selected
catholic charities info.jpg
Catholic Charities USA
as my first choice.
I've been through natural disasters (Sylmar earthquake, 1971 - Northridge earthquake, 1994) and I have noticed that there is usually a big flurry of help right off the bat, but that the infrastructure repairs are often underfunded. So I am choosing to donate to a charity that concentrates on the long term help needed.
If you decide to donate, please consider registering your donation here.
If you decide to offer up a prayer contribution instead or as well, please put it in the comments box.
If you choose to also post this on your blog, the guidelines are at the TTLB page.
Instapundit also has a lot of suggestions.
Amy Welborn has been doing a heroic job trying to keep up with the Katrina blogging.
Another need that will become obvious in the next few weeks will be housing etc for all the refugees. Amy Welborn blogged it first, but it is clear that this will be a very long term issue. Does anyone have any suggestions of agencies to contact to volunteer space? Some of us may not be able to donate much in the way of $$ but do have space in our homes, and could feed and shelter a few extra people for a while as they get back on their feet. I'll post links to these agencies as I get them - if I get them.
I'm remembering the Gospel parable - the sheep and goats. Matthew 25 - I think it starts around verse 31. "Whatsoever you do for the least of these......."

Addendum - more links

Page two from Instapundit


Time for out-of-the-box thinking. Opening up homes of the well-to-do to hurricane refugees is a great idea and is the best parent news has heard. So many kids need a school right now.

alicia, I don't know how to do the track-back thing, but I wanted to let you know that I linked you in todays blog post. Praying for all who are affected by Katrina.

God Bless.

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