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I'm a convert. I love to read, hear, and experience other's stories of their conversion. And also what comes after conversion - the much harder struggle to keep to the path.
The Good Wine shows just a bit of why we keep it up.


Is the story of your conversion available on your blog? I would love to read it.

Alicia (and Renee), I've finally found the time and energy to put together a blogroll and website to host Catholic conversion stories so that people who are seeking other converts will have a nice convenient spot to visit and read. I've put up the details at doxology today, and am busy working on the site this week. If you'd like to be on the blogroll, please just give me a note to say yay or nay!

And Alicia, thanks so much for linking Curt's story - I still get choked up when I read it. And I saw that John left such a lovely comment on the post too, very encouraging.

Another convert here also!

God Bless.

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