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Next week, my husband and I will be flying in to Nashville TN and renting a car. We have a week of vacation, and have made plans to visit my sister (in Lexington KY) and our daughter (in Memphis TN). As you can see, we will be traveling about a bit.

If any of you all in that general area would like us to try to get to your neighbornood, email me or drop me a comment.

We might even try to get down to EWTN.

We just made this plan, and we are still filling in the details.


When you do midwifing do you prefer the socratic method for intellectual birth of good thoughts or do prefer the the natural Bradley method?

What led you to believe that they may be mutually exclusive?

I'm not in the area, but I've been in Nashville and Bowling Green - it's gorgeous! Have some sweet tea for me and enjoy your trip.

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