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I haven't posted on Katrina, there are other bloggers who are doing a much better job. Go read Amy Welborn and follow the links she's posted. I'm just numb thinking about it. I've been through major natural disasters but I think this will be the manure at the bottom of the outhouse for quite some time.

My midwife friend Nancy (who is still unemployed thanks to her fervent pro-life and anti-contraception stance) has multiple members of her family in the New Orleans area. She has asked for prayers for them.

One of the docs in my practice was taking her son to start college at Tulane. Last we heard they were both in Houston. I wonder if Tulane will still even be there.

I have a few internet friends in the affected areas. I've been watching for their sig lines. So far, haven't heard. No news isn't always good news.

I feel blessed that we decided not to stay an extra night in Birmingham. As we were leaving, the clerks at the hotel told us that they expected to be full up that night with refugees. By leaving, we freed up a room for some one else.

I've been praying but I don't even have the words to phrase the prayers. It's been more:
Lord, help good to come from this tragedy. Lord, show us your will and your compassion.

addendum - katrina blogging from TTLB


Praying for all affected in this tragedy, and also for your friend, Nancy. That she may not be persecuted further for her pro-life adherence.

God Bless.

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