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busy time of year
delivered (this one was not an easy 'catch') a 5030 gm baby boy my last call night. that's 11 #, 2.5' for you non-metric types.
my arm is still sore from unhooking his rather stuck shoulder!
lots of thoughts but not much time to write them down.
Bill Frist lost my vote - and I'm currently a NH voter. mentally writing my letter to him.
thoughts about the news report on the hazards of the contraceptive patch, including an overhead phone conversation.
lots more stuff.
meanwhile, there are LOTS of good posts available in all the usual blogs.



Good job. I have such huge admiration for the work you do! Even if you never foud the time or energy to write another word, 'catching' babies will give you lots to be commended for before the Throne someday.

alicia, if i could spin backwards a few years, i would definitely have at least gone to nursing school to become a labor and delivery room nurse. i attempted last year to get it started, but i think it would take me at least 10 years to get there; that, coupled with my problems with my memory, lead me to believe that owning a restaurant and writing on the side might be the ticket.

it doesn't stop me from crying when babies are born on discovery health.

11#? eeeek. good on you, God bless you in your work.

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