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Erik's Rants and Recipes: Friday Five
Five Seasonal Questions

Imagine you are in one of these hot places, where the mercury hits 100+, as this is the underlying assumption behind all of the questions.

1. What is your favorite way to beat the heat?
total immersion in water
2. What is your favorite hot weather dish?
gazpacho with sangria on the side
3. What is your ideal hot weather music?
norteno or banda
4. What smells do you associate with hot weather?
mexican food, and the smell in the air just before the thunderstorm hits
5. OK. Enough is enough. If time and money were no object, where would you go to escape this infernal heat?
the mediterranean rivier or the pyrenees


For kicks I answered the meme last night and asked my family for their favorites. I'll see if anyone responds.

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