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Mere Catholic: News, analysis, and apologetics from a mere Catholic convert.

from her professional introduction:

Prior to becoming a mother in 2001, Misty's professional experience included seven years as a full-time writer and editor for trade and consumer publications. She has written about personal finance, civil engineering, medicine, government, and politics. She recently relocated to Roanoke from Northern Virginia with her husband, Tom, and their three children.

Just four years ago, Misty was a staunchly pro-choice, pro-homosexual rights atheist. Then a friend loaned her a book on natural family planning, written from the Catholic perspective. Several chapters of the book detailed the beauty, logic, and historical consistency of the Church's teachings on sexual ethics and marriage, factors which contributed significantly to Misty's conversion a year later. She was baptized and received into the church on the same day as her first child in November 2001.
She is also an NFP teacher through Northwest Family Services, the NFP
Coordinator for the Diocese of Richmond (VA)and speaks about, writes about,and teach NFP.


Boy! Just when you get the feeling that some people are just totally out of reach, you realize that God can help turn any heart, eh?

Perhaps sometimes it's easier to convert a staunch opposition advocate than a lukewarm or cafeteria Catholic… The lukewarm are content to just hang out in the mainstream middle. The outspoken want a position that they can sink their teeth into and battle passionately.

I think it's easier for an atheist to commit fully to any faith because they already think in terms of absolutes. An agnostic, a lukewarm Catholic...these people often tend to be more morally relative and consequently are harder to convince of anything. The only thing they seem sure about is that they're not sure about anything.

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