A Bunch of Fives Meme

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Jordan nailed me on this one.
What I was doing ten years ago:
I was halfway through my CNM program at the University of Southern California. My eldest child was also at USC (we graduated the same day). We were down to only 4 of 6 kids living at home.
5 years ago:
We were getting ready to interview for possible work in New Hampshire after having realized that Oregon was not going to work for us as a family. I was also in the last stages of preparing several talks for a midwifery conference cruise.
1 year ago:
Living in New Hampshire, catching babies, teaching residents, and wondering about the empty nest that is approaching way too fast.
Hanging out on call, answering the phone from wanna be in labor ladies.
5 snacks I enjoy:
macadamia nuts with dried pineapple
salt and vinegar potato chips
5 songs I know all the words to:
actually, I don't know all the words to very many songs - but I know most of them to most of the ones I sing.....
5 Things I would do with $100 million:
pay off all our debts
Give lots of it away
move back to the west coast
send all my kids to school
5 locations I would like to run away to:
the pacific northwest
the southwest (esp. Flagstaff AZ)
the mediterranean
East Anglia (part of england)
5 bad habits I have:
playing scrabble instead of doing what I am supposed to
whining instead of acting
5 things I like doing:
playing scrabble
crossword puzzles
hanging our with my husband
cooking and eating
5 things I would never wear:
stiletto heels
anything from hat to shoes that is too tight or hurts
fishnet stockings
see through anything
strapless dress without a coverup
5 TV shows I like:
Journey Home (EWTN)
GK Chesterton (EWTN)
EWTN live
Storm Stories (Weather Channel)
Spongebob Squarepants (Nick)
5 Biggest joys of the moment:
hearing from my kids
being part of st blogs
catching babies for repeat customers
fresh fruit and produce
being appreciated for who I am
5 Favorite toys:
Palm Pilot
My car (2003 PT Cruiser)
fondue pot
Kitchen Aid
5 Next victims:
Yikes - who hasn't been tapped yet?
any volunteers?


Looks like you're getting things squared away with Movable Type 3.x. You had three things on the above lists that surprised me: SpongeBob?! I would have never guessed. A Palm user. Hmm. I love my laptop (an iBook), but never had much success with handheld PDAs. Techno-geek that I am, I still use a Moleskine notebook and the Hipster PDA. A PT Cruiser — proving once again that Catholics “think different”. Cool Alicia!

Oh, Alicia!!!!! I *live* in East Anglia!!! Why don't you come visit me here??!!?? If I'd known you liked East Anglia, I would've invited you to come for my baby's birth last December (except I would've invited you for November, when she was supposed to be born!).

But seriously, if you can handle the chaos that is my life...and I'm sure you could....I'd love to have you come. You can do a lot of sight seeing from this area, too! We even have an extra car for just such occasions.

I'll do the five things. Tomorrow.

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