The Phillipine Bishops on June 28, 2005

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The parable of the unjust and murderous vinedressers ends with these prophetic words, which Jesus Christ applied to himself: “The stone which the builders rejected, has become the cornerstone.” Indeed, Jesus would be rejected by the leaders of the Jewish people of his time. Then Jesus will be the foundation of the New People of God, the Church.

But we can also apply these words in a spiritual sense. Very often, the values which the world rejects are the very values which should serve as the foundation for a strong civilization.. For example, the Christian virtue of chastity is like the cornerstone of strong marriages and of stable families. If spouses do not know how to be chaste, they will find it hard to be faithful. And without faithfulness, the family institution becomes unstable. But by promoting immoral sexual behavior (“safe sex”, contraceptives) with the pretense of reproductive health, some of our leaders will end up undermining the foundations of our society.



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