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Please pray for my dear husband. Upon our return from California last week, he started to notice some twinges in his foot which as of Saturday night, morphed into a really bad gout attack. I mean bad. I mean bad enough that he was put on colchicine, which is very effective but has horrendous side effects that delicacy forbids me to enumerate. And I am not there to take care of him, either.
His first really bad gout attack also happened when I was away from home for midwifery stuff.
The last week has also been rough in terms of spiritual attack kinds of stuff.
I went to the National Shrine yesterday and spent quite some time wandering around and praying. Might try to blog on it later.


My Dad had a bad gout problem, too. I know what he is going through.

Prayers en route!

Prayers. How's he doing?

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