Home birth in the Big Apple

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Home Delivery Is Available - New York Times

Dawn should have written the headline - pizzas are delivered - babies are born!


I avoid the word delivered pretty studiously, but then I also do not consider myself to have "given birth" as I've only had c-sections so I'm probably just an extreme minority as usual. (Then there's due date -- that totally requires quotation marks or a prefatory "so-called," IMO.)

And the thing about not feeling I gave birth is not some kind of denigration of other women's participation in bringing their kids into the world via c-section -- or mine, really; I just don't use the phrase talking about my own experience. Saying this because when I frequented a cesarean/VBAC support list, people had strong feelings about this kind of thing.

So I do think the doctors had much more to do with "delivering" my babies than in a natural birth, but OTOH, I still avoid the word. "Dr. T did my second c-section," I say.

Thanks for bringing this article to my attention. Being a Home Birth mom, I rejoice when it is presented as a positive, healthy, real option!

In Christ!

Gotta love that quote ! I first read that on the CBirth mailing list back in 00 when I was pregnant with my 2nd. I still am careful with my words when speaking of birth.

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