the gates of Hell shall not prevail

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I find the nicest blogs through my referral log.
Here is another testimony from a nurse who came home through the wilderness.
I remember that I found Tarot cards fascinating for a while when I was wandering, myself. Sam Delany's classic SF Novel Nova refers to them extensively, and I played around with them for a while. It is actually kind of scary how many portals Hell actually has around us.
Given the history of Tarot and the like, I understand why so many Christian sects forbade the playing of card games from Go Fish to Poker. I still have a hard time understanding why some Catholic hospitals foster Reiki and similar Gnostic healing methodologies. Or why the Catholic university I attended for 18 months allowed a recruiter for Trancendental Meditation on campus.


Thanks for the link to my other blog with my conversion story. What you say is so true about Hell's portals. Most people do not even recognize them because evil seldom looks evil--- how else could Satan be the extraordinary trickster that he is. I had a hard time letting go of the cards. I remember telling myself for a long time that it was ok to use them just for fun. I finally got honest with myself and one day I threw all 16 decks into a pile and lit them on fire.

The scary part was about two years ago I was going through a bunch of stuff I just threw in a box when we moved and one of the things was my old nursing bag--- I used to do home care--- it was completely empty and kind of ratty looking so I decided just to toss it--- but then I thought --- better check all the pockets just in case there is a syringe or something in one. So I did and when I checked the small one inside the lap top pocket I found a small deck of tarot cards still wrapped in the green silk I had always kept them in. I sat there for a while--- frozen--- part of me felt revulsion and the other part wanted to open the silk cloth--- I held them --- they felt "good" in my hand---familiar--- suddenly I thought "what the *blank* are you doing???? I took them out back to the fire pit tossed them in lit them up silk and all--- that is when I realized just how dangerous that stuff really is.

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