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but welcome news none the less
The Pontificator crosses the Tiber.
As a sometimes homesick former Anglican, I welcome him home and hope and pray that he will be welcomed via the pastoral provision.
I think that if we ever contemplate relocation again (not terribly likely from where I sit) I will want to be near an Anglican use parish. The older I get the more I miss the liturgy of my youth. I think that the church does well to be truly Catholic and welcoming of the various valid rites, be they Eastern rite, Tridentine, Novus ordo and/or Anglican.


I am also an Episcopal convert. I refused to submit any longer to a church which had decided to let itself be guided by popular public opinion as opposed to serious thoughtful meditaion and study of the will of God through scripture and tradition. I welcome him!

Hi Alicia - the Anglican Use liturgy is certainly beautiful. Though I'm a former Southern Baptist (not Anglican), I am almost 100% English by ethnic heritage, and in some strange way, I feel a connection to the English liturgy. :)

The Anglican Use liturgy is a beautiful one -- and that's just from reading the text. The only liturgy I've actually experienced is the Novus Ordo; I look forward to one day experiencing the Tridentine, the Anglican Use, and the various Eastern rites.

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