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on lawns
(thanks, Scott - I really appreciate this!)


Good one! I'm going to send this to my husband, the original lawn boy! :-)

Speaking as someone who has a lawn tractor, an aerator, a dethatcher, a lawn sweeper, and a 50 head sprinkler system in an effort to keep some semblance of a lawn working, I had to laugh when I read it. I thought you'd enjoy it.

I have to forward you an article in today's WSJ along a related theme:

“Somehow America became a major player in the global lawn-care industry. Why would a nation of farmers, who struggled for centuries to wring the barest living from the soil, start fussing over inedible vegetation that would rather die than live? As usual, the answer is a combination of habit, snobbery, capitalism and government intervention.”

Not as funny, but still interesting...

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