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I was given this one a week or so ago. I don't even remember who passed it on to me!
"List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over."
Here goes - in no particular order.
1. Opera. I like musical theatre and some operettas, but most opera just leaves me cold. I think that part of it is that I find most high pitched singing to be positively painful.
2. Cilantro. Actually, I despise the flavor of this herb. It tastes like soap to me. Yet lately it seems to find its way into everything from bean dip to chicken wraps. I would not be surprised to learn that some one had developed a cilantro ice cream.
3. Going to the gym. If I were going to pay someone to help me get regular exercise, I would sign up for dance classes. Or I would buy a bicycle and use it.
4. Reality TV. My life and work have much more drama and are much less predictable.
5. Snow sports from Skiing to whatever. I will say that it can be fun to slide down a hill once or twice a winter, but to spend all that money for the opportunity to break bones frankly puzzles me.

I am supposed to pass this meme on to a couple of other bloggers - OK, Mr. Luse, Mr. ORama, Erik - go for it


My husband says the very same thing about cilantro! He also says pickled ginger tastes like soap -- do you agree? I've always thought it was an odd comparison.

Hey, I've looked for you twice now in Ina May's book and I'm not finding you. What page are you on?

Cilantro - amen! I just don't get it.

I've already been meme'd on this one (back on May 12) but thanks for asking. I hope dear Mr. Luse will break his painful silence and answer your summons.

Gee, I like Cilantro (which is the green leaves of coriander) and it doesn't taste of soap at all to me. I recently went to La Traviata and loved it and am considering getting a membership at the local Opera company. And I at least once a week all winter. I am a perpetual intermediate, not an expert, but I keep hoping for that moment when I will be able to swoop down the black slopes without fear. I almost made it winter before last, just towards the end, but it didn't carry into this winter, alas. Who can explain why speed with control gives pleasure, exhiliaration? It certainly keeps one from hating winter. In fact, it keeps me from getting my seedlings planted in time, because I never want winter to be over!

What I don't get the point of is all of the little quizzes and lists and "What breed of dog are you?" or "What Tolkien character? or what Harry Potter character?" etc etc They seem silly to me , not serious.

But then, de gustibus non disputandam est and all that.
Susan Peterson

Cilantro tastes like mildew to me! There are certain people who have a specific taste receptor (so I read somewhere a long time ago) that makes cilantro taste bad. I think it's just awful.

But I do like opera, especially Mozart and Verdi.

You need to change soaps! Never thought of mildew before, but cilantro taste like body-odour to me.

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