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If you were able to spend one 24 hour period with me, what 5 things would you want to do?


Reply, then repost if you wish and see what people want to do with you!


1. Go bookshopping. I bet you could recommend a lot of great stuff.

2. Go out for coffee with friends and just talk about whatever crosses our minds.

3. Play silly games with my baby!

4. Fly a kite. This is good to do with just about anybody.

And finally...
5. Attend a birth! What an awesome and awe inspiring job you have!

1. See some of the babies you have delivered.
2. Look at YOUR books and talk.
3. Take you to your favorite spot for dinner ... and talk.
4. Ride bikes (or hike) around the neighborhood ... and talk.
5. Go to your favorite grocery store and then take home our finds and cook up a meal together ... and talk!

1) Share my birth stories with you, over a great cup of coffe and a biscotti.

2) Lots of questions regarding your style of home making. From here it seems like something I would like to learn from.

3) Ditto child-rearing.

4) Go to an art fair in a park. I love hand crafted art.

5) Basically soak up as much of your wisdom as I could, in what ever way came to be in the day.

Well, talking birth would be on top of my list... seems a little selfish, I'm not sure how much use you have for my input as one of many mothers, but I won't ever run into too many Catholic nurse-midwives.

I'd have to know you better to list another 4. I had trouble even doing this list in e-mail to someone I have known personally my whole life. What I always want to do one-on-one with people is talk! And with some, maybe go see live music or rent movies. Or go out to eat -- and talk over food. Otherwise it becomes "Look at your library," "Look at your photo albums," "Visit something near your home," nothing really specific to being with the person.

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