Fact sheet on HPV

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from Dartmouth
more good reasons to encourage chastity


That is totally gross and probably awfully true. You have a wonderful blog. You visited mine, Traces of Time, a couple of weeks ago and I'm just getting around to returning the favor. It is so nice to meet people who I can talk openly with about my beliefs. I started blogging because my son did and gave me his link, which led to many links of students from TAC in Santa Paula, CA. They call it That Annoymous College but it's actually Thomas Aquinas and where my oldest graduated from. The next three are at or about to be going to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. A wonderful place full of happy, loving students who have no problem telling people of their love for God. One more left at home. I'm not sure where she will end up but God has helped all of our children make the right decision so I feel certain He will help her when the time comes.
Again, thanks for visiting my blog and I'm so happy to read yours and will return again.
God bless, Kitty

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