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Friends of mine are moving to Charlotte NC in a couple of weeks. They are a young couple, both grads of FUS with two young sons. Faithful, observant, planning to home school. They have no family or friends in the area, aren't sure where they will be living, and could use both prayer and practical input. Send me email or leave comments and I will forward it to them.


Greetings. I'm from Hickory, about an hour from Charlotte. So I'm not personally acquainted with many people in Charlotte. However, I do know that St. Matthew's parish in Charlotte has hosted conferences in which the likes of Scott & Kimberly Hahn and Alice von Hildebrand and others have been invited as speakers. There should be no shortage of good people in the area.

We live a 1.5 hours from Charlotte, but go to Mass at St. Catherine's in Lancaster SC which is about 1 hour from Charlotte. There are a few people who occasionally come from St. Matthew's (town not church) to St. Catherine's in Lancaster and vice versa - who are homeschoolers. I can try to get the contact info for one of these. A lady who comes to Mass on Fridays with her 6 children, I believe comes from that area - if there is an interest. Of course we homeschool and there are a few homeschooling (Catholic) families in the Lancaster and Charlotte area. Many, Many non-Catholic homeschoolers down here.

If they need our contact info or if you want us to get the info from the other folks, let us know.

Pax Christi,


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