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The beauty of Humanae Vitae
May I also suggest Janet Smith's classic talk?
Yesterday I spent an hour at a local Marriage Prep program giving 'the talk' about NFP. It is challenging, knowing that probably most of these couples are already in a sexual relationship, contracepting, maybe even living together, maybe even already parents. Still, I have hope at least partially from my own experience, and even more from reading about the experience of others, that sometime somewhere at least a few of these couples will be open to and experience a conversion of heart.
Now, more than ever, there needs to be a return to the custom of having Confession available at the wedding rehearsal. How many marriages have their sacramental graces frustrated because the souls of the couple are already stained?


I am trying to talk my sister into doing NFP classes, she gets married the end of this month. We already had 2 boys before we took the classes. Question for you though - have you heard of this book - What do you think of it?

I know that after we got married, NFP instruction played a major part in our "reversion". Thank you CCL!

We think we may have a protestant couple ready to take NFP classes (after my biologist wife went over some of the biological/medical parts of contraception that people today aren't told about).

Confession available (vocally mentioned) at the rehearsal - excellent idea!


My father is an 'NFP convert'. My Dad was raised in the United Church, in a basically secular family. My mom wasn't practicing her faith when they met and married, but later decided she needed to try and live by church teachings, so they started using NFP. They even became a teacher-couple in Serena (a Canadian NFP organisation). The obvious benefits of NFP, and the Church's continuous and solid teaching on this, contraception, abortion, and other ethical issues, contributed to my fathers entry into the Catholic church a few years later.

That was almost 20 years ago now.

NFP definitely played a part in my conversion of heart! In fact, I learned about NFP while studying to be a childbirth educator...ALACE had information for CCL in their training manual! I was sold on the health aspect of NFP first, then the moral aspect came into play once DH entered the church and I reverted to the faith.

That Dr. Janet Smith talk was excellent. I have heard parts of her speeches in the past and knew she was excellent in this regard. But the full speech nicely puts it all together.

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